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Finyog aims to think outside the box by presenting diverse ideas and solutions. We act as financial guardians for our clients, which means we only recommend services and solutions that we believe will benefit you, and your family.


Who would not want to have all the answers? Sure, it'd be fantastic - but we are sceptical of any advisor who knows everything. Instead, we comprehend our know-how and strengths. That is why we talk ‘with’ you rather than ‘at’ you to conduct instructive and productive dialogues.


We would never recommend a financial plan that we would be unsure about. If you have a query, we respond in a plain, honest, and straightforward manner, ensuring you have a crystal clear idea about your financial goals and how to achieve them.


Our experience team together has come up with all the core strategies at Finyog. When you reach out to us, be rest assured that you'll be assisted by someone who knows everything there is to know about you, your goals, and your financial situation.

Finyog engineered retirement process. Here’s how we’ll build your Custom Blueprint


Are you nearing retirement and looking for income stability? We can’t begin building a house until we have the specs. Tell us a bit about yourself and your reason for seeking our financial planning guidance. Whatever it is you need in 1, 5, 10+ years, we can guide you to best accommodate you and your goals.


We will assist you to identify your short and long-term goals, keeping in mind your current needs and future wants as we are working on your financial planning process.


Using your time horizon to retirement, unique goals and future income needs, we’ll hit the drafting table to develop a blueprint of your financial plan. In taking a holistic approach to your plan, we’ll connect every room to develop a cohesive financial home that’s built just for you.


We’ll present a financial plan built using comprehensive strategies and solutions. We’ll work with you to answer any questions you may have, adjust strategies as needed, and move forward with the next actionable steps.


As we move forward building your financial home, finyog will stay by your side to ensure we hit every nail on the head. Once your financial home is fully built, you can be rest assured that we’ll stand by your side. With finyog your finances will be well-protected today, and in years to come.


With regular touch points we’ll meet and review our plans as needed. If you go on to change careers, grow your family or shift priorities, your financial plan will follow along. Regularly evaluating and adjusting your plan will help us to ensure that you and your finances are still on track.


Finding financial freedom is an ongoing process, not a set of products or services. To best meet your needs now and through retirement, we’ll continuously review, monitor and rebalance your portfolio as needed.


Tapesh Lohia

Tapesh founded Finyog after successfully managing several businesses in the Financial Services Industry. He is a CFP, CFA (INDIA), and CIPM (Level 1), and his last stint was with Fincart. His core strength is transparency towards his clients and a thorough understanding of their needs to develop financial solutions as per their requirements, and he lives with one quote, which is “Customer is God for us, and we don’t cheat God." When not occupied with work, he loves to soothe his mind by doing Yoga and interesting reading and traveling.

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