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Finyog offers different services including Premium, Wealth, and portfolios on Smallcase which are described below.

Finyog offers Research and Model Portfolios through Finyog Premium (Finyog. in) – our subscription product for investors looking to become better investors and manage their money on their own (“Premium”)

Finyog offers Portfolio Management Services through Finyog portal for investors who can invest more than INR 50 lakhs and are looking for someone to manage their money for them (“Wealth”).

Finyog offers Model portfolios on this Website (“Smallcase”) that may be variants of similar portfolios we offer in our Portfolio Management Services (Wealth) or Subscription services (Premium).

Variations between similar portfolios across these services are often due to liquidity of the stock or limitations of the service (Wealth vs Premium vs Smallcase etc). Each of our services follows its own cadence and frequency of updates – portfolio changes, exits, additions, etc. that are determined by the Finyog team as per its own judgment.

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